A Taste of Spain

My First Trip Abroad Started from a Childhood Dream

When I was young, we had a very friendly Spanish neighbor who loved to cook. Everytime I passed by their kitchen window, she would offer me a taste of whatever she was cooking. Because of this, I grew up with a deep passion for Spanish cuisine and their culture as a whole. I knew I had to go to Spain to actually experience what it’s like living there as well as learn how to cook their world-famous dishes, particularly paella. What’s more, I would have to learn from the real experts in Valencia from which the dish originated.

Twenty years later since the first time the delicious Spanish cuisine caught my attention, I started to really think of actually setting foot on that fascinating land. The only concern was that it’s the first time I would travel abroad, alone. However, my decision was firmed when I came across a thread “Where to go for 1st trip abroad?” on a Q&A site. A British couple asked for the place in Europe to go for their first experience of traveling abroad. There were answers that recommended trying Spanish food and mentioned that the Mediterranean Diet was healthy with no extreme flavours.

A Taste of Spain

I searched for a good cooking school where I could learn about Spanish cuisine, and came upon a culinary-based tour company called “A Taste of Spain”. They offer private cooking classes and have positive ratings on tripadvisor, so I registered one, booked an affordable hotel room, flight and started my first and unforgettable trip abroad to my dream travel destination.

A Taste of Spain

Screenshot from atasteofspain.com/cooking-classes/traditional/valencia/

Upon arrival, everything became real in front of me and no matter how well I was prepared, I could no longer keep in my joy and there were tears in my eyes. I enjoyed every single moment when I was greeted by friendly people, accompanied by delightful music, and immersed in the exotic ambience.

Eat What We Make

As our cooking class began, we met our Spanish chef, accompanied by an English interpreter. They walked us through the preparation of a complete Spanish meal. I was able to make Paella, a rice dish, and Turron, a popular Spanish dessert. After the class, we got the chance to eat what we just made. We all sat down in an elaborately set dinner table and enjoyed our meals while sharing stories and experiences.

I appreciate the British couple’s questions and the answers on the Q&A site Exposix, which firmed my decision to fly to Spain, appreciate Google’s help to find the amazing cooking class held by “A Taste of Spain”, which enriched my Spain experience and appreciate tripadvisor’s ratings and reviews to guide me to my favorite foreign country and made my first solo trip abroad so perfect.

I never thought I would enjoy myself this much. I travelled to Spain to get a first-hand experience of my dream country destination, however, I got more than that: a memorable piece of my life that would forever be etched in my heart.

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