Routeburn Track

Awe Inspiring Beauty of Routeburn Track in New Zealand

While the world is full of beautiful vistas, I’ve always had the most relaxing holidays and the greatest adventures down in New Zealand. For my most recent trip in the land of the Maori, I had the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Routeburn track, a famous hiking trail that runs through plenty of natural wonders.

Awe Inspiring Beauty of Flat Lands

While there’s a great and easy path to follow, I still recommend going with an experienced guide who knows the area. The whole trail is filled with awe inspiring beauty. In fact, As soon as you take a step onto the path in the flat lands, you will immediately notice the vast span of nature that goes in every direction; it stretches out as far as the eye can see. It’s a perfect example of nature at its finest, beautiful and scenic. I don’t know what about New Zealand makes ordinary vegetation light up but it does wonders in making the environment look breathtakingly epic.

Vibrant Picture of Forest

Still, the flats are only a taste of things on the Routeburn Track. As you continue on, you’ll encounter most exquisite sights. The experience will sneak up on and before you know it, your vision will be filled with nothing but green; yet, when all the shades come together, it manages to paint a picture that is far from dull and boring. It gives the impression that the forest is vibrant and full of life; combine that feeling with the sounds of the local wildlife and you know you are truly blessed to be there.

Pictures Cannot Capture the Beauty

Believe it or not there’s a wonderful waterfall on the trail and at the time I thought it was the best example of nature on the whole trail. Until you’ve climbed above and walked on the alpine paths, you really haven’t seen anything. Snow capped mountains just out of reach begging to be touched will greet you at some points, while valley’s stretching out just beyond that. The only sad thing is that pictures can never capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape and when it tries, being there is a whole different experience.

More than Nature

While hiking amongst nature is great, it would hardly show the complete picture of what you can expect on luxury holidays New Zealand. First off, the land has dozens of natural yet beautiful places to visit, from mountain ranges to vineyards. A helicopter tour is one of the most popular ways to have a look-see. Though if being alone with nature isn’t appealing, there are plenty islands and beaches to check out, letting you dive and fish at your leisure.

Perfect Blend

While the main lure of New Zealand is the wondrous locals and picturesque landscapes, the reason that it makes such a good holiday spot is the perfect blend of nature and civilization. No matter where you decide to stay, you will find all the comforts of home not far away, warm and cozy beds just waiting for the chance to meet your needs. Having the reliability of technology on one hand and the beauty of nature on the other, New Zealand becomes one of my favorite luxury holiday destinations.

Routeburn Track

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