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Keep Yourself Amused While Camping With These 6 Great Ideas

Have you ever noticed how you tend to do the same things all the time when you go camping? If you’re going most weekends it can get boring very quick. The entire trip is never boring, but you have a lot of time to amuse yourself and if you’re not amused then you’re in trouble. The worst thing in the world is waiting for something to happen. You don’t want to sit about for a few hours until dinner is ready every night.

You could have the best time ever when you’re away and that means finding something to do each and every hour. First you need to get some ideas flowing through your mind and that’s exactly what we’re going to look at today. Get out your notepad and write it down because you can take it with you the next time you head off into the great outdoors.

Learn how to fish

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If there’s a lake or river near where you’re camping you could go fishing and catch some dinner. If you’ve never been fishing before then you can always learn. It’s not too hard and you should be catching your first fish in no time. Remember that you don’t need to use a proper fishing rod. You could take a boat into the lake and use a net. It will be nice if you catch something, but the most important thing is that you’re having fun.

Take your telescope

Being out in the middle of nowhere is an amazing way to look at the stars with your telescope. There is not a bright light anywhere in sight and the sky is easy to view from your campsite. If you’re camping with the children it’s a great way to teach them about space and all the wonderful things it holds. Don’t worry if you don’t have the most expensive telescope in the world because you’ll still see something.

Go on treasure hunts

A great game you can play with the kids is to go on a long walk through the forest and hide treasure everywhere. When the kids are running around looking you can carefully sneak a few coins down somewhere. The aim of the game is to try and find them all. This might sound like a simple game, but it’s something your kids will treasure forever and they will always remember how much fun they had.

Practice your survival skills

Sooner or later the zombies are going to rise from the ground and take over the world. What are you going to do about it? You could practice your survival skills when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Do you remember watching films when you were younger about people being shipwrecked and building somewhere to live? That could keep you busy for a few days, or weeks.

Play the guitar

Imagine how skilled you could become at playing the guitar if you did it over and over again in the middle of nowhere. When you have plenty of time on your hands it’s the perfect place to play. You maybe don’t even know how to play and that’s OK because you can learn. It also doesn’t need to be the guitar. I’m just using that as an example because it’s the most popular instrument to play.

Telling stories

At night when people are sitting around the fire you can tell each other a story. It’s usually hard to just make one up at that exact moment, so maybe through the day you can think about it and take some notes. To make it interesting you can have some prizes for whoever tells the best story. There’s nothing like a friendly competition between brothers and sisters.

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