Pleasant Memories of Paris

First Time in Paris

This July I visited Paris for the first time in my life. It will not be the last. I hope to visit the City of Light again next spring.

Getting to the Centre of Paris

Let’s gloss over the airport and train to the city centre; the airport is large and the train journey is about half an hour. The train arrives at the two main stations in Paris, Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi. You can then change to the Metro to complete your journey. You might find this site useful if … Continue reading Pleasant Memories of Paris

My Unforgettable Himalayas Experience

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; the surreal landscapes, great customs and traditions, delicious food, and of course, the incredible mountain peaks will definitely appeal to your senses and if you’re a mountain lover fond of these unspoiled territories, I guarantee you that exploring the Himalayas will be an unforgettable experience. The dramatic forests that rise above the skylines, snow-capped glaciers, and high-altitude deserts will leave you speechless. India is not an average type of country, and what I’ve seen in pictures does not compare with the incredible sights I’ve had the chance to witness … Continue reading My Unforgettable Himalayas Experience

5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Emigrate

There is no greater sense of adventure than deciding to live and work in a new country, taking part in the great flow of people around the world that has historically been such a dynamic driver of human innovation and change.

For many of us though, the proposition of moving out of the country you have lived your whole life in is one that is simply too big, too scary and too seismic to contemplate seriously. Sure, it would be great to spend your days lazing in the afternoon sun in the garden of your casa rural or … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Emigrate

Hiking the Hidden Wonders

Step out of your car for a moment, and take a hike to some secluded spots of The United States that you may never have heard of before. Or maybe you have, but take this as a sign to see them again and share the experience with someone who hasn’t. Be a lighthouse for hidden wonder. These hikes are not for the faint at heart so be sure to pack wisely and drink your water! Bring your lunch with you, there will be no going back to the car to have a picnic. The first stop on our tour spans … Continue reading Hiking the Hidden Wonders

Top 10 Extreme Activities in Singapore

With its limitless selection of exciting restaurants, hawker fare and mighty skyscraper cocktail bars, Singapore is better known as an extreme foodie destination than an extreme sports destination. But beneath those tasty streets, and in between those monstrous shopping malls, a subculture of adrenalin junkies has turned the Lion City into one big playground. Whether you’re simply passing through on an extended layover, or planning to spend a considerable amount of time in Singapore, these are the places you need to visit to get that all important dose of excitement. 1.       Get wet and wonderfully wild at the simulated surf … Continue reading Top 10 Extreme Activities in Singapore

How Charter Fishing Will Make You Better In Bed

No. You’re not dreaming. You read that title correctly.

The thing is this. Charter fishing won’t actually make you a better lover…but I’m going to tell you how to convince your wife or girlfriend that it will. And unless she happens to read this article first, it just might work.

Step 1 – The subtle hint

The first step is quite possibly the most important, and so you’ve really got to get it right. Pick a time when you’re heading out the door to work, or right before you hang up the phone. It has to be in some sort … Continue reading How Charter Fishing Will Make You Better In Bed

Discovering France On Two Wheels

Too many French holidays involve staying in one place – just lying by a pool and soaking up the sun. This might be relaxing, but you don’t see all that much of the country you are visiting, and certainly don’t get a chance to practise your French. Alternatively, some touring holidays give you too much of a good thing. They are so heavily organised and pack in so many wonderful sights that you don’t really have time to enjoy them all properly, and find yourself guiltily thinking: “Not another cathedral!”

So what’s the alternative? To take your time, and … Continue reading Discovering France On Two Wheels

Footprints Across The World

When I was 18, I stuffed my bags into my 1999 Buick LaSabre and embarked on a 2,200 mile trip to the heart of Los Angeles. And after graduation, I packed my bags once more—this time for grad school in Ireland. “You’re becoming a bit of a nomad,” one of my friends joked at my going away party. At first, her words concerned me. Was I becoming too nomadic? Was I incapable of committing to a place? Why wasn’t I more like most of my friends from Georgia, who attended college in-state and then got married soon after? After spending … Continue reading Footprints Across The World

A Snow Show To Warm Your Heart

Do you like snow and ice? Ahem, no, not freezing cold temperatures and chilling wind blowing in your eyes; snow and ice in a friendlier environment than that. While many of us would initially associate them with the middle of winter, the short days, and the feeling of discomfort, it does not have to be like this. Snow and ice can be beautiful, fun, and inviting.

Some may remember playing snowballs and building snow castles when they were young, while others may recall licking icicles or skating on frozen puddles on their way to school. Historically, human experience with … Continue reading A Snow Show To Warm Your Heart